NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) – New Haven officials say scores of people with overdue parking tickets and late car taxes have started showing up at City Hall, wallets in hand.

That’s because the city just announced it’ll start using a device called the “Plate Finder.”

Publicity about the new technology spurred many of the motorists to pay up rather than face the possibility of getting towed.

The “Plate Finder” infrared device scans license plates on parked cars as police or city parking enforcement officers cruise by. Then, it alerts the officials when a plate matches those on lists of parking ticket scofflaws or delinquent taxes.

The unit’s manufacturer says it can read more than 1,000 plates per hour.

New Haven prides itself on being tough on parking scofflaws. The city also made headlines in 2004 when it started using the Bootfinder, which immobilizes cars by locking onto the wheel.

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