The staff and trustees of the Farmington Public Library need support of the public at the upcoming town meeting.

Reading aloud to children helps develop language skills that are essential throughout their lives.

In 2007, the Farmington Public Library held over 100 children’s programs attended by more than 1,000 people. The library offers nearly 10,000 children’s and young adult titles. Free summer reading programs attract more than 100 participants reading an average of eight books each.

Farmington Public Library circulated more than 41,000 items last year. On average, 2,066 people visited the library each month, and roughly 350 used the public access computers. Currently the library offers more than 28,000 books, magazines, children’s books, audio books, large type books, newspapers and videos.

Free services include computer access, reference assistance, tax forms, early literacy programs, adult programs, genealogical and local history materials and interlibrary loan services. New in 2007 was free wireless connectivity, which has been beneficial to area tourism.

In 1973, the library was listed on the National Register of Historical Places. The building’s exceptional beauty, domed ceiling, copper accents, glass floor and carved woodwork led to its selection as “Spotlight Library of the Month” by in December 2007.

For a century, the Farmington Public Library has been a cornerstone of free community services. The helpful and professional staff strives to continue that legacy. Public support for the library budget at the town meeting will help maintain the full range of uninterrupted services to Farmington.

Melanie Taylor Coombs, Farmington

Director, Farmington Public Library

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