During the next few weeks, the public can expect to hear about the education budgets for districts around the state. It has been reported that Auburn schools are looking at cutting 21 positions – 13 teachers and eight support staff – people who hold America’s future in their hands.

SAD 52 has not publicly announced final changes yet. However, it is clear that at the high school, cuts will change the school environment.

Money is being cut for people, not just programs. Teachers in nearly every subject, custodians, athletic administrators, coaches and support staff are all feeling the impact from cuts or changes.

I wonder how many contracts in the coming year will not be renewed? How many will be reduced? How many coaches, maintenance, custodial, or support staff will be cut?

The public should ask those questions, then ask what that means.

It means fewer classes and larger class sizes. It means less support inside the classroom, less support outside the classroom, and buildings and grounds that project Maine as a state where quality doesn’t matter.

How did that happen?

Do not place blame. The problem is larger than one person. It begins with America and priorities.

It is easy to compare a school superintendent’s salary for the past year with the present. That is public information. Then we can ask ourselves, does Maine really care about education?

Benjamin Leduc, Gray

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