• Lewiston schools, both city and rural, will soon be supplied with flags to float on the breezes whenever occasion demands. Of course city schools have long been provided with flags but some of the rural schools have never possessed one, or at least have not for a long time.

• Lewiston and Auburn men are interested in a big lumber deal which was made a few days ago when Sheriff David R. Hastings and Asa Young of Auburn and Amos S. Meader and Deputy Sheriff Frank Cain of Lewiston made the first payment on 102 square miles of valuable timberland in Canada. It is one of the largest deals of the kind in which local parties have been interested which has been made for some time.

50 years ago, 1958

• In a series called “Easter’s Untold Stories” starting tomorrow in The Sun, Associated Press Religion Writer George Cornell goes behind the terse words of the Gospels to capture in full dimension the thoughts and actions of four of little-known, minor actors in the great Easter drama: John Mark, the gospel-writer who was only a youth when Jesus met his death; Claudia, tormented wife of Pilate; Simon of Cyrene, who helped Christ carry the cross; and the nameless Roman sergeant who stood lonely guard over the tomb.

• Sporting goods dealers and wholesale tackle houses report a pronounced trend toward closed-face reels for both bait-casting and spin fishermen in 1958.

25 years ago, 1983

The Project Graduation plan originated by Oxford Hills High School is one that should be copied throughout our state. The basic idea behind it is for a non-alcoholic, non-drug graduation party to be enjoyed by the graduates. This party is provided by the community. Its aim is to end the tragedy of alcohol or drug-related deaths.

Those who have been actively involved in the Project Graduation program have reason to take pride, for the idea spread from the region to 36 other Maine high schools and now has extended into schools outside the state and into Canada.

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