• Whether woman are immediately successful or not in their campaign for the right to vote, the fact remains that at the present time the interests, clubs and organizations of women are being discussed to an extent that exceeds any other topic, even national politics.

All this suffrage agitation of the country is not so powerful a lever as this new relationship of women to public affairs, as brought about by the earnest work of the woman’s club as it is going on today in every corner of the land.

50 years ago, 1958

• For the second consecutive time in seven months, Auburn voters turned down yesterday the plan for a 1,100-pupil senior high school on the Franklin site.

• New houses in 1958 will boast kitchens bigger and better than ever before enjoyed, according to trade reports. Builders have become alert to the mounting homemaker demand for greater storage space and working area in kitchens. Another factor is the trend toward more “kitchen living” among most families.

• A request from Lewiston Public Works Department employees to have April 19, Patriot’s Day, as a paid holiday was turned down last night by the Public Works Board. The holiday falls on a Saturday. All the board members were in agreement that the employees should not receive any extra pay because they are not working that day.

25 years ago, 1983

• Tied to 50-foot leashes, two astronauts took the first U.S. space walk in nearly a decade Thursday, perfecting ways for shuttle crews to fix ailing satellites in years to come.

• “Home economics is more important than ever,” according to Aletha Blackmore and Evelyn Ladmer, who teach and work together at Auburn Middle School. In this relatively new school, the two women share a bright and spacious classroom equipped with modern conveniences, including microwave ovens, specially geared sewing machines and a computer – all of which give the 7th- and 8th-graders a good, basic background in home economics.

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