I thank the Sun Journal for the “Looking back” entry marking the 50th anniversary of the Sno-Cat accident on Mt. Washington. (April 3).

My dad, Fern A. Bosse, was one of the nine men in the “Cat,” as they called it, that flipped. If that vehicle had been 100 yards up, or back, it would have tumbled down the side of the mountain several hundred yards or more.

I have pictures that my dad took of the “Cat” with its dented roof and other damage. How little damage was done attests to how well it was built. The men’s guardian angels, along with Lady Luck, were looking out for them that stormy day on the mountain.

There is much more information that goes into the circumstances surrounding that incident and the procedural changes that were made afterward.

The outfit, Aeronautical Icing Research Laboratory, ceased operations up there in 1960. The buildings were removed and the area was returned to its natural state.

Today, as people reach the top of the mountain, they would never know there were buildings of such size, or that an operation of that type once took place there.

Thanks again for the “Looking back.”

Fern C. Bosse, Poland

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