Can someone please tell me why the government should be telling working men and women how to live their personal lives? Back in the day, a person’s personal choices were private. This is not a free country anymore.

How many new taxes and laws are going to pass without a statewide vote?

Have we forgotten the Revolutionary War? Does oppression ring a bell?

The government doesn’t use common sense. It’s like being in school. When a vote comes up in the Legislature, peer pressure provides the edge. No one wants to be left out or disliked by voting against the majority.

Taxpayers certainly aren’t getting any relief from state government, or the White House.

What is wrong with letting people make up their own minds about such things as seat belts, smoking, helmets for children who ride bicycles or what people can do on their own property? Next, there will be laws about how many children people can have, what those children can be fed, etc.

Most people aren’t stupid. Given a chance to use their minds, most do what is right anyway.

We need to take back control of the state.

Nellie Poulin, Poland

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