Gasoline is now inching closer to $4 a gallon. Has anyone called a senator or congressmen yet?

The heating oil price has already been very close to $4 per gallon this year. What will happen next winter?

Will people be able to afford the rising cost of the energy we all so desperately need to heat homes or drive cars?

I know I will not be able to for much longer, for sure.

How long will the truckers put up with the rising prices? Not for too much longer, I fear.

The shame of it is, the prices should be about $1.30 per gallon cheaper than what they are now. The oil speculators keep driving up the price of oil every time someone breaks a nail, just to make a few bucks of the public’s hard earned money.

Our representatives in Washington should do something for a change. Get together to make a law stopping those speculators from driving up the price of energy.

I ask the elected officials down in Washington to work together to stop the stupid policy, and to do something useful for a change.

They should help the people they were sent there to represent.

Clem Bechard, Lewiston

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