FARMINGTON – Winners of the Brazilian Black Fly Jiu Jitsu competition May 3 :

Absolute, under 175 pounds
($500 winner, shared): Paul Gorman/Donnie Flowers (AMMA)

Absolute, over 175 pounds ($500 winner): Dan Simmler (Team Serra)

Brown Belt: 1. Dan Simmler (Team Serra); 2. Shawn Eagers (AMMA)

Purple Belt (combined): 1. Adam Gordon (Foundry); 2. Donnie Flowers (AMMA); 3. Jake Landry (Choi’s/Alexey Cruz)

Women Featherweight: Alison Tracy (AMMA), Rachel Carll (Central Maine BJJ), Bri Genschel (Foundry)

Women Lightweight: Jen (AMMA); Deb Gardner (Maine BJJ)

Blue Belt Super Heavy: Pete Roberts (Foundry); Brian Mailhot (AMMA); Kyle Russell (Gracie Barra)

Blue Belt Heavy: John Bronson (AMMA); Jason Hammel (Mass BJJ); Dan Curry (Grappler X)

Blue Belt Light Heavy: Tony Ries (AMMA); James Brochu (Gracie Barra); Kyle Jackson (Danger Cannon)

Blue Belt Light/Middle: Mike Robinson (Team Maine BJJ); Justin Reed (Foundry); Nathaniel Craig (Foundry)

White Heavy/Light Heavy: Michael Krannig (AMMA); Jeff Mau (Team Maine BJJ); Jordan Crane (Gracie Barra)

White Middleweight: Tim Pelletier (AMMA); Dan Neuman (AMMA); John ? (Team Maine BJJ)

White Lightweight: Tom Bahr (AMMA); Shawn Fanjoy (Foundry); Stephen Simpson (AMMA)

White Feather: Sothy Pen (LA Bushido); Michael Madson (AMMA); Jason Bell (Central Maine BJJ)

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