This is in response to Judson Duncan’s letter, published May 7.

The history of the world has been written in bloodshed; most national borders have been determined by war. This history is full of beasts who conquer, murder, enslave and commit genocide. This is clear to any unbiased observer, and won’t change until the “Prince of Peace” returns and puts an end to all war. But for the present, God has instituted that we have a right to defend ourselves for the sake of justice and peace.

No army is perfect, some soldiers commit crimes. But the U.S. military is the most disciplined in the world, and when there is evidence of crime, it is investigated and prosecuted when appropriate.

War is hell, and impossible to conduct with such a degree of precision as to never harm a civilian. Would Duncan leave Europe to the Germans, Korea to the Chinese? Allow the genocide to continue in the Balkans? In each instance, we rose to defend those who couldn’t defend themselves, and each one is better off than they would be if left alone. In wars against these and other murderous thugs, he thinks we are the bad guys.

Does he wish to join the ranks of the “blame America first” crowd? Or is it now, quoting Rev. Jeremiah Wright, “God #### America?”

While U.S. soldiers are defending us against evil men, I’ll proudly cover their backs on the home front.

God bless America.

Gerard Gelinas, Lewiston

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