Here we go again!

I read Thomas Shields’ letter July 26 where he wrote that America needs Sen. Susan Collins. He must be blind not to see what is going on around him.

Where was she, during her two terms, that she didn’t see how poor the economy had become?

Now, when she wants a third term, she has been pushing legislation that would help fix the economy, but I don’t think we need her.

As for President Bush, he has vetoed everything Democrats put in front of him. Now, he agrees to take the troops out of Iraq; he wants to sign the homeowner mortgage protection plan so people will have lower payments; and he wants to allow offshore drilling in sensitive areas. It’s funny what Bush will do to make himself and his team look good.

But Democratic leadership is saying that the drilling is just a stunt or a hoax, and I agree. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said when she was elected to that office that there would be no impeachment brought against Bush. Now, with what he has been doing … it’s not too late.

I don’t believe the Democrats could do any worse than what the Republicans have done. This country is a mess.

Eglantine Fillion, Lisbon

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