In his letter, printed Aug. 1, John Rozos accuses state Sen. Lois Snowe-Mello of being insincere in her desire to stop puppy mills in Maine. He wrote that she delays and thwarts any attempts to stop puppy mills, while portraying herself as an animal lover.

First, the very thing that spurred his letter is the senator’s support for strengthening the animal welfare laws of Maine. How has she thwarted or delayed these important changes if she supported them? Is Rozos upset that she supported those measures?

Second, Snowe-Mello does not try to “portray” herself as an animal lover … she is an animal lover. She has two dogs that are both spoiled rotten and are loved beyond compare.

My guess is that Rozos is misinformed and doesn’t know the facts. Anyone who knows the senator knows how outlandish the tone and content of his letter really is. Her long and distinguished record of service to the state is exemplified by the hundreds of acts of kindness and caring to countless friends, neighbors, constituents and even strangers in her district.

Clearly, the Legislature believed that creating a working group to establish a procedure for dealing with puppy mills was important, so that puppy mills could be stopped and good dog owners protected.

It is a shame that Rozos is attacking Snowe-Mello when her support of the animal welfare bills is a good thing.

Katherine Pendelton, Auburn

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