This nation elected a man who has become the very worst president ever elected.

He wanted to capture Saddam Hussein, who he believed was a threat to the United States, and he used the nation’s armed forces to do just that.

Once that was accomplished, U.S. forces should have come home and let the Iraqi people elect a president, just as this nation did, and set up a governing body.

Elected officials in Washington, D.C., are to blame for voting billions to support that war, burying the country in debt. They are also to blame for the deaths of all those soldiers. Almost every soldier’s death means a wife without a husband, a child without a father. No money can replace them.

The nation’s economy is so bad, many people will have a difficult time heating their homes this winter, or buying gasoline to get to work. Everything people buy is more expensive because retailers have had to pay more, too.

Raoul Roy, Jay

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