• For No Name, Jay (Sun Spots inquiry Aug. 9): Dennis Cripps of Main Street, North Monmouth, has a shop in his house with all the supplies you would need. He also teaches rug hooking. His number is 933-4508.

Dear Sun Spots: I have info on rug-hooking for your reader from Jay. My good friend is Tina Payton who lives in Mexico, Maine. She has a rug-hooking business, paytonprimitives.com. I don’t have e-mail, but would be happy to talk to your reader. I live nearby in the town of Leeds. My phone number is 524-2682, my name is Judy Croteau. Sincerely – Judy Croteau, Leeds.

Dear Sun Spots: I love your column very much. I was wondering if you could help me. Two, almost three years ago, I subscribed for two years to a magazine called “Die Cast Digest.” I only got it for one year, my last one was May 2007. I wrote to them twice at no avail, and I’ve called them four or five times to no avail, always busy or shut off. Their address is Die Cast Digest, PO Box 12510, Knoxville, TN 37912-0510, phone 24-hour line is (865) 699-1220. They owe me $29.95 for one year.

I went over to talk to Dennis at Cards R N at the Auburn Mall, he said he thinks they went bankrupt. Dennis has a magazine called Beckett. It has basketball, baseball, hockey, football and racing in it, all in one magazine. I have NASCAR die cast up to 1995 and the Beckett starts at only 1997. I have cars that are worth a lot of money. In Beckett, it’s only worth one third of it. I have an Earnhardt worth $732, in Beckett it’s only worth $250. I have a 1998 P. Moise #14 car that is not in Beckett magazine.

I was wondering, is there some company that will buy the company and take over Die Cast Magazine?

Can you help me? Thank you very much, I look at Sun Spots every day and I helped some of the people who needed help. Yours truly. – Gerry, Lewiston.

Sun Spots found two phone numbers for Die Cast Digest, both of which have been disconnected. We corresponded with E. Ross White, the assistant director of consumer affairs in Tennessee, who suggested filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s office. You may do so online at www.state.tn.us/consumer. If you don’t have Internet access, contact Charlene Henderson 615-532-8277 and she will be glad to send you a complaint form or any other information you need.

Dear Sun Spots: Regarding Joanne from Turner (Sun Spots inquiry, Aug. 5), I have some odds and ends of chair webbing for free if she will come to pick it up. I live in Roxbury, phone 364-8869. I need a response soon as I am cleaning up and it will be discarded if not wanted. – Earle, Roxbury.

Dear Sun Spots: I was just looking over the paper and noticed someone looking for lawn chair webbing. I work at an Ace Hardware and we’ve ordered it for people. If they happen to be going by an Ace they should check there. It may not be in store, but can be ordered. Thanks. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: Can you help me finish my project? I am looking for some light raspberry colored baby sport yarn for a sweater I am making. It is Dye Lot 25 article E257. If you have some please contact me. Virginia White, P.O. BOX 53, Rangeley, Maine 04970, 864-5475. – Virginia, Rangeley.

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