MARLBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) – “The Skunk” says something stinks in Marlborough.

The city of Marlborough has voted professional wrestler Chris “The Skunk” Antal’s local cable show off the air, and Antal says it’s because Mayor Nancy Stevens doesn’t like him.

Antal wears his hair in a white mohawk and mixes caustic social commentary into his show, Pro Wrestling Monthly.

He urinated on a Brazilian flag, donned a Porky Pig mask to imitate the former mayor and rants about what he says are worsening conditions in the city.

It doesn’t fit in with Stevens’ efforts to create a more upscale image for Marlborough.

But Stevens says Antal’s antics have nothing to do with why she and members of the Marlborough Cable trust voted it off the air.

She said Antal won’t replace a camera he lost, violating an agreement with the channel.

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