n According to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, lobsters were once so plentiful in New England that Native Americans used them as fertilizer for their crops and as bait in their fishing. In early colonial days, lobsters were a staple food of the lower class, often served to prisoners and indentured servants.

Deejay Casey Kasem first went on the air with his American Top 40 broadcasts in 1970. He got started in radio as a result of his collection of eight-track tapes. What was Kasem’s day job before American Top 40?

A) Dog catcher

B) Commercial artist

C) Lab technician

D) Barber

Monday’s answer: Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations contains the Churchill quote “Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations is an admirable work, and I studied it intently.” Churchill believed that reading good quotes gets people to read more about their authors.

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