Dear Sun Spots: On Aug. 5, I ordered Road Runner through Time Warner Cable. Along with that I signed on for a free modem (after rebate) through Broadband/Motorola. It took so long for me to receive the modem that I had already been connected to Road Runner with the modem from them. I immediately returned the modem (after removing only the enclosed return label). It has been since Aug. 24 and I have not received a confirmation nor been reimbursed for the $90 that was deducted from my credit card. – No Name, No Town.

Answer: According to Road Runner, they have contracted with to fulfill modem orders. Therefore, you will need to contact that company with inquiries. Your credit card will not be refunded until the return is both received and processed. At that time, you will be refunded in full, excluding shipping and handling. Visit to find additional information or e-mail [email protected] Also keep in mind that rebates can take up to 16 weeks to process, and that may be the case with your return.

Dear Sun Spots: I still find your column enlightening each weekend (weekend subscriber). My question: when Bill Cohen went to Washington, D.C., he had a lot of pauses and “aahs” in his speeches. When he left Washington, D.C., he was speaking with many less “aahs” and pauses. Now, Susan Collins has gone to Washington, D.C., with a slow quavering voice. As of late, she seems to have strengthened and quickened up her speaking voice. I was wondering if they took speaking lessons or voice therapy? I do think it has been beneficial to both. – No Name, Turner.

According to a representative for Susan Collins, she has not had therapy or speaking lessons. Sun Spots has not received a response from Bill Cohen’s representative.

Dear Sun Spots: I really enjoy the annual Franco Festival. I am however curious as to who receives all the profits made from the festival since it seems that the workers are all volunteers? I am also curious as to what, if anything, the Colisee charges them to use their facility for this event? Thanks. – No Name, No Town.

According to Richard Martin of the Franco-American Heritage Center, the Festival FrancoFun is produced by the center and any profit is reinvested into the center’s operations. While they do not pay volunteers, there are other fees to consider, such as artist fees. The center also pays facility fees of $9,000 for the use of the Colisee.

Dear Sun Spots: Chester Greenwood, the man who designed earmuffs, had a coin or medal designed for him when his earmuffs came out years ago. Is this a collector’s item? Is it something of interest and how much do they go for? They have a big celebration about him and his earmuffs every winter, parade and all. – No Name, Livermore Falls.

Answer: Sun Spots could not find a reference to the particular coin you are inquiring about. The inventor’s name is Chester Greenwood, who was born in Farmington in 1858 and invented the earmuffs at age 15 while ice skating. A bulky scarf wrapped on his head wasn’t protecting his ears from the cold, so he made two ear shaped loops from wire and his grandmother sewed beaver fur on them. Four years later, he patented an improved model and called them Greenwood’s Champion Ear Protectors. He also invented the wide bottom kettle, spring steel rake, a shock absorber that is an ancestor to today’s airplane-landing gear, a new type of spark plug, a simple donut hook, a folding bed, and bearings to keep wheels from wrenching off.

This year’s Chester Greenwood Day celebration is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 6.

Dear Sun Spots: I hope you can help me with this. My mom used to buy 25-inch Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls from a woman (or group of women) for our relatives that wanted them. I think they were from Leeds. If they are still making them, my brother from Boston would like to buy at least one more. I may be contacted at 207-897-3593. Thank you. – No Name, Fayette.

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