n Look up “harebrained” in most dictionaries, and you’ll find “hairbrained” as an acceptable alternate spelling. If you study the history of the word, you’ll see that “harebrained” came first (circa 1550), referring to the behavior of the four-legged beast. Back then, “hair” was another way to spell “hare,” and “hairbrained” first appeared circa 1580. These days, “harebrained” is used more often in America.

Someone visiting the website www.chemistry.com would most likely be looking for:

A) A science tutor

B) A spouse

C) Lab equipment

D) Research on global warming

Answer Monday.

Thursday’s answer: A map of the “lower 48” U.S. states can be found on the commemorative quarter of Louisiana, in which the region of the Louisiana Purchase is outlined.

n Thanks to Brian Templeton of Des Moines, Wash., for pointing out additional starring threesomes in multiple films, with different roles each time. There’s Bogart/Greenstreet/Lorre; Woody Allen, Mia Farrow and Tony Roberts in Allen-directed films, Sinatra/Davis Jr./Martin in Rat Pack films; and Mel Brooks/Madeline Kahn/Harvey Korman in Brooks-directed films.

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