n We got to wondering recently whether the cities in New Jersey and California named Menlo Park have any connection, and where the name came from. Our research revealed that Menlo Park, Calif., came first, founded around 1854 by two brothers from the Irish village of Menlough. New Jersey’s Menlo Park was established about 20 years later, and took its name from the Golden State town.

According to “The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Cats and Dogs,” which of these would be the best music to help relax a dog that has noise anxiety?

A) A Sinatra ballad

B) A Pavarotti aria

C) A Bach Brandenberg Concerto

D) A Rolling Stones tune

Monday’s answer: George Lucas, who created the Indiana Jones film character, got the name Indiana from his pet Alaskan malamute dog. More on the origin of Indiana Jones in a future column.

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