n About two or so years ago, the euro overtook the dollar as the currency with the highest value in circulation around the world. As of December 2006, there were over $810 billion worth of euros. Currently the monetary unit of 15 European nations, the euro is also legal tender in the Western Hemisphere, in French possessions such as French Guiana and Martinique.

New York City is known as “The Big Apple.” “The Big Apricot” is a nickname of Metropolis, home of the Daily Planet and Superman. But what city is known as “The Big Guava?”

A) Honolulu, Hawaii

B) Tampa, Fla.

C) Sydney, Australia

D) Gotham City

Monday’s answer: The first confirmed surface visit to the North Pole was in April 1968, by a four-man snowmobile expedition led by American adventurer Ralph Plaisted. Previous claims by Robert Peary and Frederick Cook were never independently verified.

n Long-running series: We believe the longest-ever title of an American prime-time TV series was this mouthful from 1951: “Your Kaiser Dealer Presents Kaiser-Frazer ‘Adventures in Mystery’ Starring Betty Furness in ‘Byline.'” Kaiser-Frazer was an automaker; Ms. Furness later became special assistant for consumer affairs for Lyndon Johnson, and a TV consumer advocate.

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