Have you looked around and seen how high gas prices are these days? I mean they’re through the roof, who can afford to pay these gas prices two to three times every week or so! I have checked out gas prices throughout Maine, I got an average of about $ 3.90! Right now people are getting worried with winter coming, a lot of people are afraid they may not be able to pay their mortgage and gas.

Heating oil is also going up too; the average is $3.82 a gallon. Here are resolutions to help with the oil and gas price problems.

• During the winter keep all windows and doors closed most of the time.

• When you leave your house turn your heat down to about 60 to 65 degrees.

• Plan your trips to the grocery store; don’t to two to three times a week. Write down everything you need for the week and go once! it’s saves you more gas.

• You can buy a propane heater or woodstove to heat your house during the winter.

• Close off the rooms you’re not using this winter and don’t heat that part of your house. My step-grandma is going to close off her upstairs because she never uses it.

• Take shorter showers, taking long showers uses a lot of oil. My, mom is making my brother and I take shorter showers; we can’t be in there for more then ten minutes.

• You can start carpooling to work or school, it will save more money because everyone will be pitching in. My step-uncle carpools to work.

• Don’t set your thermostat past 70-75 degrees, you can cover up it may feel chilly) but you will be happy when you get your heating oil bill.

• Try not to run around so much; do some local things with your family. You’ll waste a lot of money to go somewhere far away for only an hour or so.

Do your best to try and follow some of these rules; you may save a lot of money!

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