Dear Sun Spots: Recently you listed a Web site for people who would like to have their name(s) removed from a magazine mailing list. I, and many people like me have a similar problem with a telemarketer by the name of Premiere Global who calls three or four times a day using the following phone number 1-732-542-3012. It rings twice and they hang up, and if you answer before the second ring, you still don’t know what they want or what they’re for, as no one is at the other end.

Is it possible for you to put an end to such annoying nonsense by finding out who could these people be, or what they want. It would be greatly appreciated, not only by me, but by many other people who have the same problem I’m having! Thank you in advance for any help you can give us on this matter. – No Name, No Town

Answer: Special thanks to Premiere Global’s Director of Marketing Chip Plyler who researched this issue for Sun Spots. Premiere Global provides services such as on-demand conference calling, web-based notifications and computer desktop faxes to more than 60,000 businesses worldwide. He was surprised to hear that you were receiving the calls at your residence, as they do not employ telemarketers.

His first thought was that you may be on a call list for medical notifications, another service they provide. However, since there is silence on the other end, he believes that your number may be on a call list for receiving faxes. They deliver more than 18 million faxes a day for businesses, and your telephone number may have been entered in error or it possibly could be a number for a fax machine no longer in use. Without knowing your telephone number, it is hard to know exactly.

The simplest way to stop the calls is to call the number that appears on your Caller I.D. Sun Spots called and was prompted to enter the fax number we wished to have blocked. Chip noted that even though your telephone number isn’t for a fax machine, still enter your ten digit phone number. After you have done that, you will be placed on their “do not call” list and will be blocked from future calls. It will take 24 hours for the number to be processed, but after that, the calls should stop. If you have further questions or problems, don’t hesitate to call Chip at 404-262-8472 or e-mail [email protected] He assured us that he does not want you to continue to receive calls that aren’t intended for you.

Dear Sun Spots: In reply to No Name, Auburn, (Sun Spots inquiry, Monday, Oct. 13) looking for a physician to treat her thyroid, I go to Central Maine Endocrinology and see Dr. Wesley Fairfield at 287 Main St., Lewiston, ME. He has helped me, maybe she might give him a try? – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: The ladies of Eaton Memorial UM Church in Livermore Falls are seeking canning jars to help us replenish our stock. Many of you have enjoyed Marcia’s world-famous dill pickles and pickled beets and Pam’s jalapeno pepper jelly that we sell in the fall. If you have quart, pint or half-pint jars that you no longer need, please call me at 897-3072 to arrange pickup or you could leave them on the porch of the parsonage next door to the church. I also have a Cony High School Coniad from 1985 if anyone would like to have it. It came to us in a box of books for our last rummage sale. – Pam Newton, Jay.

Dear Sun Spots: Your help would be most welcome in helping me locate eBay sales specialists in Oxford County or locations near there. Thanking you in advance – as well as always enjoying and benefiting from your column. – No Name, No Town.

The Oxford Depot, 11 Mechanic Falls Rd. (corner of Rts. 121 and 26), Oxford, can assist you with selling items on eBay. Drop by the store anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and ask for Laurie or call 539-2202 for more information.

Dear Sun Spots: I appreciated your answer to my last question about compounding pharmacies but now I need to know which doctor within 50 miles of Auburn/Lewiston deals with woman’s hormones/saliva testing, etc. Thanks for all you do. – Susan, No Town.

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