n Eponyms of the week: Milwaukeeans William S. Harley, Arthur Davidson, and Arthur’s brother Walter. In 1902, 21-year-old Harley made his first blueprint of an engine designed to fit in a bicycle. W.S. and Arthur offered their first motorcycle for sale in 1903, and were later joined in the business by Walter.

n Weird Wide Web: Visit kukuklok.com for your own “Swiss made” digital cyber-alarm clock, which you can set to wake you up with one of four sounds: rooster, “classic clock,” electronic beeps or hard-rock guitar.

The only site in the United States that has twice hosted a Winter Olympics is in:

A) California

B) Utah

C) New York

D) Idaho

Wednesday’s answer: Located about 300 miles west of the International Date Line, Auckland, New Zealand, is the first major world city to greet the New Year every January 1st.

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