On September 30, the sixth graders from Elm Street School attended Ferry Beach Ecology School in Saco, Maine. This group of students were joined with Poland Community School as well as Minot Consolidated School. These students were at the Ecology School for four days and three nights.

Being a former Elm Street School sixth grader, I remember my visit very well. It was very enjoyable and exciting. Students really got to do hands-on activities during the day. Whether it was at lunch or out on the beach, the kids experienced things like how to compost one’s waste or even how to spot animals in different environments.

Ferry Beach is an amazing place to visit because of all the activities it offers. But what people should know is that Ferry Beach staff doesn’t put on an act in front of the children and teachers. The way the counselors and staff demonstrate helpful habits that nurture our earth is a part of their lives, not just an act. One can learn that it is possible to be conservative with all types of energy and how to not waste certain materials. All the information is very important and teaching the next generation how to be good energy users and savers can help our world in many ways.

I believe that this year’s sixth graders took in a lot from this experience. I hope that when they have been home for a while they will still use the helpful hints given by the Ferry Beach staff. I know that it is a great chance to feel welcomed and I know that they enjoyed this trip a lot. For more information about Ferry Beach in Saco, Maine, log on to www.fbcs.org.

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