On Tuesday, October 28, 2008, a math meet was held at St. John’s school in Brunswick. Many schools around the state participated in the math meet and a few of them were: Elm Street School, Minot Consolidated, Jordan Small, St. John’s, Trinity Catholic, Durham, and many others. This year, all the schools did amazing and I was proud to see the varieties in awards.

Elm Street School’s math teams are coached by our middle school math teacher, Mrs. Goss and our Gifted and Talented Education teacher, Mrs. Downing. Every week they gather our math teams and work our minds. Thank you Math Coaches! We really appreciate everything you are and do!

During the competition, there are many tests and awards given. The first test is the arithmetic test and it consists of 10 questions. This year St. John’s made a switch from only 6 questions to 10 questions to limit the ties in awards and to also add a few easier questions. The next test given is the geometry test. After two individual tests are collected it is time to begin the team test, my favorite. I love this test so much because I get to work with all my peers on certain questions. This way when we win any award for the team test, we win it together and we show pride in each other’s hard work. I appreciate my testing team mates and I am very grateful to be a member of such a great team. Thanks Guys!

When all the tests have been collected and scored, it is time to announce the awards. This can cause one to be nervous. I know that Elm Street School students worked really hard.

For our sixth grade team, a second place award was given for the team test, and-an individual third place award went to Cody Burgess, a fifth grade student from Elm Street that is at a sixth grade math level. ‘Then we had our seventh grade team who took the first place team award and an individual third place award was given to Nigel Williams. Then, saving my very own grade, eighth, for last, took home the third place team award. But the most important award given that night was the overall school award. This is the award that is given to the team with the highest scored amount of points. I’m proud to say that Elm Street School took home first place in that category! Go Elm Street School!

I would like to thank St. John’s school for doing a great job hosting this math meet and to also tell all the schools who participated that they did a very good job and I’m proud of us all! I hope to see all the schools at the following math meet! Keep up the good work!

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