If your home has a staircase with a dramatic railing, you know how beautiful it can look with some decorations. Here are some ideas for wonderful stairway decorations for the holidays.

Garlands: It’s possible to make a garland out of many materials, including pine, ivy, pine cones, and decorative garlands. Add holiday touches with metallic berries or ornaments, shimmering satin or velvet ribbons, garlands of flowers.

Door swags: Measure the length of the stairway and make or buy door swags to place at even intervals up the stairs.

Hang wreaths: Attach a wreath at intervals up the stairs, tied with holiday decorative ribbons. If you like, you can link them together with ribbons.

Swag of netting: Measure the length of the stairway and determine how much drop you want in the swag. Purchase netting, tied at intervals along the railing, and decorate with clusters of fresh or artificial greens, flowers, ornaments or bows. You can even install a length of cool burning Christmas lights inside netting for a lacy look.

Ribbon garland: Select decorative ribbons in 3 widths. Have each ribbon slightly longer than the one next to it and choose ribbons in different textures and finishes. Attach the ribbons at attractive intervals to the railing and add a bow or cluster of ornaments or flowers and greens at each top point.

Fruit and flower clusters: Gather together stems of beaded fruit or flowers and tie together with pine and ribbons. Tie each cluster to the banister with decorative ribbons, spaced evenly on the banister.

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