n Eponym of the week: fruit merchant Joseph A. Campbell, who founded a company in 1869 to produce canned vegetables, tomatoes and soups. Soup became the company’s main line in the early 20th century, after a nephew of one of Campbell’s partners invented a commercially viable means of condensing soup.

n In Pamplona, Spain, they have a Running of the Bulls. In Te Kuiti, New Zealand, they have a Running of the Sheep. First held in 2004, the idea was to have the sheep race through the streets. Instead, they sort of milled around, confused.

According to the book “Seasons of the Arctic,” how many seasons are observed by the Inuit in the Arctic?

A) 2

B) 4

C) 6

D) 8

Wednesday’s answer: Oprah gave away Pontiac G6s to everyone in one of her audiences.

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