In the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and travel, it can be easy to lose track of the traditions you loved as a child. A great way to make new memories is to bring back old world holiday traditions with friends and family.

Whether it’s buying a new ornament each year or gathering for a large family feast, drawing on old world holiday traditions is a great way to bring people together to celebrate all the season has to offer. A good way to start, and a great family activity, is to research your heritage and the holiday traditions that your ancestors practiced.

A few traditions you may wish to draw on include:


On December 24, presents are placed under the tree for the children. Kids wait in another room until they hear a bell then enter to see the tree decorated with candles, ornaments and candies. Everyone sings carols while wishing each other happy holidays.


Each family has a special plate, used only during the holidays, that becomes a family heirloom. Families take pride in making their own decorations with bright paper and natural objects.


During holiday week, children go from house to house playing pipes, singing and reciting holiday poems. Their delighted listeners give them small amounts of money so the children can purchase gifts.


Many people in Scandinavian countries celebrate Lucia Day on December 13. At dawn, the youngest child dons a white robe and a crown of (battery operated) candles. The other children accompany “Lucia” dressed as “star boys” and “hand maidens”. The children wake their parents and serve coffee and special Lucia buns.


Modern holiday decorations can be just about anything. Get back to basics with traditional holly, mistletoe, Poinsettia flowers and evergreen boughs. Hang strings of popcorn, bells and candy canes from the tree. Start a new tradition and purchase a collectible ornament each year to pass down through generations.

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This holiday season, take some time to create a new tradition taking cues from the old world. The memories will make you smile all year round. – Courtesy of ARAcontent

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