Some of my fellow classmates have taken a poll on which subject they like best, and I’m here to say, what about the UAs? Unified Arts are also very important subjects. They include physical education, health, art class, foreign language and music class, and Tech Ed.

These all teach us important skills to remember throughout our whole lives. Physical Education teaches us ways to lead a healthy lifestyle and teaches that exercise is an important thing. Health class teaches us positive and negative ways to handle stress, it teaches us about self-esteem and how to look at ourselves in a positive way. Art teaches us to be creative and use our imagination, it is also a great class to take if you are interested in sometime having a job that includes art, such as an illustrator, or an art teacher. Foreign language teaches us some important words to know and also gets us thinking about what language we want to learn in high school. Music teaches us how to read music notes and you learn about different cultures through different types of music. Tech Ed teaches you about working with your hands and it teaches you about measurement and geometry.

Additional to math, reading, English, etc. ,UA’s also teach you so much; they can also be very fun. So remember, don’t forget the UAs!

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