Lewiston is to have a vaudeville house – the real thing, with its talent for one of these great vaudeville circuits. It is to be at “Kora Temple,” the quarters now vacated by the Mystic Shrine and is to be in control and management of the J. W. Greeley Amusement Co.

The head of the J. W. Greeley Amusement Co. is an old Lewiston boy, and a member of the Kora Temple. He was in Lewiston Saturday making final plans for the alterations.

Mr. Greeley says that the policy of the new house would be high-class vaudeville and motion picture features of the better class, together with novelty features in other lines.

50 years ago, 1959

Seven members of the Arlington, Mass. Arcadians were in Lewiston yesterday, but not to play hockey this time. They’ll be back Jan. 17, bringing three other squadmen ready to jump into the new uniforms of the Bates Co. Fabrics for an opening series with Rochester, N. Y., in the dedication games of Lewiston’s Central Maine Youth Center.

Yesterday’s get-together was for fittings in uniforms, pads and equipment, publicity photographing, introductions and a general conference.

25 years ago, 1984

An initial engineering study on Lewiston’s proposed hydroelectric facility will be given in a status report to the City Council Thursday night.

City Planning Director Robert Faunce said Wednesday that once the feasibility study is submitted for review, the council will decide later whether the city will proceed with the project.

Lewiston is competing with the Union Water Power Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Central Maine Power Co., for rights to develop the hydroelectric potential of Lewiston Falls.

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