Dear Sun Spots: Sun Spots is just super! Could you please print lyrics to “Seven Spanish Angels” by Willie Nelson and Ray Charles? It’s so beautiful. Thank you very much. – Joyce, Rumford.

Answer: Sun Spots located the following lyrics at

“He looked down into her brown eyes,

Said, ‘Say a prayer for me.’

She threw her arms around him,

Whispered, ‘God will keep us free.’

And they could hear the riders comin’,

He said, ‘This is my last fight.

If they take me back to Texas,

They won’t take me back alive.’


And there were seven Spanish Angels,

At the altar of the sun.

They were prayin’ for the lovers,

In the valley of the gun.

And when the battle stopped,

And the smoke cleared.

There was thunder from the throne.

And seven Spanish angels,

Took another angel home.

She reached down and picked the gun up,

That lay smokin in his hand.

Said, ‘Father please forgive me,

I can’t make it without my man.’

And she knew the gun was empty,

And she knew she couldn’t win.

But her final prayer was answered,

When the rifles fired again.

Repeat the chorus

Dear Sun Spots: I have some used toys in great condition, barely been played with, for girls ages 1 to 3. I didn’t know if there were shelters, doctor’s offices or other places that could use these toys. I have been checking around a few places and they tell me the Red Cross could use them, but the Red Cross only accepts new toys. If anyone is in need of some great used toys please call me at 240-9042. Thanks. – Shelby, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: Someone commented/questioned something about my article on opting out of fuel oil contracts (Sun Spots, Friday, Jan. 9). They can e-mail me at [email protected] However, I will not divulge the name of the oil company. I cannot figure out how to answer online. – No Name, No Town.

[email protected]

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