St. Dominic Regional High School now has a program in place to promote the ideal that all students wishing access to a quality Catholic education are able to afford one. The new Adopt-A-Student program anonymously connects benefactors with students. The program was founded after discussions with local Alumni indicated that there is an interest in preserving the historic past of the school by including all students who wish to attend, regardless of ability to pay.

This follows the formation of the Dion Family Foundation which will be providing scholarships to ten freshmen next year in the amount of $4,000 ($1,000 each of their four years). This initiative, combined with existing financial aid vehicles, and now the formation of the Adopt-A-Student program, will go a long way toward insuring that the doors at St. Dom’s are open to anyone who wishes to attend.

“I almost spent my senior year at a different school. I was so excited when St. Dom’s provided the exact amount of tuition assistance I needed,” said one student. “That gift allowed me to spend my senior year with all the friends I had made that I now call family. The school helped me to finish the greatest years of my life with the people I love.”

“The misconception is that St. Dom’s is only for the wealthy,” said Principal Donald Fournier. “The vision of our founder, Father Drouin, was to provide a way for all to be able to afford the St. Dom’s experience. This program will help us to fulfill Father Drouin’s dream. We are not just a great academic, private school; we are, first and foremost, a Catholic school.”

Recently, the St. Dominic Regional High School Board of Director’s stepped forward to support this endeavor financially. The Board recently pledged a matching gift of $20,000 toward the first $20,000 in new funds collected through this initiative.

“When the Board of Director’s shows great leadership, as they have done here, it is clear that they support our students,” Fournier added. “In this instance, their support will directly impact families looking to send their kids to St. Dom’s.”

“My daughter is a freshman at St. Dom’s this year,” said one parent. “As a supporter of St. Dom’s, you need to know how important your financial support has been to our family.

“My daughter is a very bright, but sensitive person. We enrolled her in Catholic school in kindergarten, despite our poor financial situation, because having been students of both Catholic and public schools as children; we knew the exceptionally caring Christian environment was as important to her success in school as the curriculum. Over the years, her school family helped her to grow into a young lady who now exudes the same spirit as those who taught her. This year at St. Dom’s she has absolutely blossomed both as a person and a student. This would not have been possible without the impressive level of dedication shown by the entire staff of St. Dom’s. The feelings of comfort, security, and family are palpable in the halls at this school. Please know that you and other generous supporters of St. Dom’s can be very proud of what you have accomplished through your support of this school.

“Four years ago, in an effort to ensure we would be able to afford tuition to St. Dom’s for our daughter, (we began to plan financially). Life in those years turned out to be more expensive than planned and it was devastating to realize this past spring that we would not be able to bear the cost of tuition as we had hoped. We applied for financial aid, not believing enough would be available to allow her to attend. Due to the tremendous support of individuals like you, we were able to receive enough aid to make it happen. A simple thank you is not enough for what has been given to our family, yet, it is all we have to give. So please accept our sincerest thanks for your support and know that your generosity will be paid forward for generations to come.”

We hear many heart warming stories of financial hardships that were met by the generosity of the St. Dom’s family. These stories will repeat as St. Dom’s continues to not only prepare students for college, but minister to families that may think that a private school tuition bill is beyond their reach. Finding a way to include these families is just one part of the mission of St. Dom’s. We encourage Alumni, friends and families of St. Dom’s to help us foster the tradition of inclusion started so many years ago by our founder.

Founded in 1941, St. Dominic Regional High School is home to almost 300 students. St. Dominic Regional High School operates on the principal that integrity, community, and excellence are the cornerstones of success. St. Dom’s is the only Diocesan Catholic High School in the State of Maine. For more information about the Adopt-A-Student program, please contact the Development Office at (207) 782-6911 x2111.

For more information about receiving financial assistance or to apply for the 2009-10 school year please contact the Admissions Office at (207) 782-6911 x2110.

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