The Skilled Swing Bed Program is designed to meet patients’ needs when they no longer require acute care, but do need more skilled services and rehabilitation before they can care for themselves at home. The Swing Bed Program allows patients to receive skilled rehabilitation in their own community at Rumford Hospital.

After a thorough evaluation by licensed professionals, patients receive daily therapy to meet self-care goals set by patients and the Skilled Swing Bed Team. Patients are encouraged to wear their own clothes. Their physicians monitor patients’ progress and visit them throughout their stay. If necessary, patients can return to acute care.

Appropriate members of the team meet as necessary with patients and their families to discuss rehabilitation goals and discharge plans. When those goals have been met, patients are discharged from the program – either to their homes or to another facility for longer rehabilitation.

Physical Therapy restores strength, endurance, and mobility; relieves pain; improves movement and function to maximize safety; and rebuilds confidence while patients adapt to physical changes.

Occupational Therapy promotes independence through programs aimed at improving patients’ ability to carry out activities of daily living and restores prior level of function. Occupational Therapy evaluates home/work environments for necessary adaptation for safety and trains in the use of adaptive equipment.

Speech Therapy helps to regain or improve speech and communication and helps to manage feeding and swallowing problems.

Activities, individual and group, allow for promotion of independence, and assistance in returning to daily life.

Respiratory Therapy helps to manage symptoms of breathing problems (asthma, emphysema, etc.) by teaching breathing techniques and exercise, as well as use of medication, including oxygen and nebulizers.

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