Fans turn out for VH1 reality show celebs

AUBURN – Niccole Hall made the drive from Waterville and left her boyfriend at home Saturday night.

“I came because they’re hot and because they’re on VH1,” said Hall, 26, waiting with friends amid loud music and pulsing lights for the guests of honor at Lavish Nightclub.

With a black marker, she’d written on the front of her shirt “Real,” “Chance,” Micah” and “My Boyz.” On the back, “Real be my Valentine.”

Um, what about that valentine back home?

“He can be my valentine. I can have two,” she said, grinning.

The stars of the evening – Real and Chance from VH1’s reality TV dating show “Real Chance of Love” and their brother, Micah – were still hours from their anticipated arrival. About 150 people bought the $30 tickets to meet and mingle in advance. One of the club’s owners said he was expecting at least that many more to be sold at the door.

Jocelyn Clukey and Amy Duchette of Lewiston said they were fans of the show. Both agreed: Real was the top pick.

Clukey said she thought he made a good choice on the show’s finale by picking the blonde nicknamed Corn Fed. “She wasn’t as crazy as the other ones.”

They’d brought cameras, hoping to leave with pictures with the guys.

Katie Lemieux of Lewiston said if she could ask anything, she’d direct a question at Chance. He walked away without a girl in the season finale.

“It would be a question about the show. What did he gain out of all that? If all those girls didn’t have anything, what are you looking for?” she said.

Melissa Robinson and her husband Mike sat at the bar. He’d seen an ad for the night and asked if she wanted to go.

“I’m a reality junkie,” Melissa said. “I’m hoping that they are as they are on TV, laid-back and kind of goofy.”

Tom Hartt, one of Lavish’s three owners, said the club booked the brothers about a month ago, when their show was still on, thinking a love show and Valentine’s Day were a good fit. It was the club’s first venture into reality TV. They’d like to bring in more names, he said. Maybe a Celtics player, maybe rapper Juelz Santana, the current leader of Lavish’s “Who’d you like to see?” MySpace poll.

Did Hartt think Real and Chance could find love in this L-A?

“You never know; you’ll have to ask them,” he said.

The brothers weren’t due to come to the floor until the crowd filled the place, anywhere from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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