Affordable home security gadgets are not enough to reliably protect a home.

A home security system made up of cheaply built infrared sensors and anemic alarm sirens is all well and good if a homeowner is not protecting anything of real value. But nothing is more important than the safety of a homeowner’s family. A person should never entrust the well-being of a loved one to a poorly made pile of parts.

Look for security in a company that responds to this fact by offering state-of-the-art computer home security system models that harness the power of the latest processors to provide smart, accurate, and comprehensive security coverage of any home. Customers should be able to choose from affordable traditional coded systems all the way to a complete home automation system networked with lighting and climate control.

As an example, Napco’s Freedom 64 systems support panic buttons and smoke, carbon monoxide, and glass break detectors, and their smart motion sensors easily distinguish between pets, children, and dangerous intruders.

Homeowners with other security systems installed eventually stop arming their systems because of the frequency of false alarms. Aside from having smart sensors, look for a code-free computer home security system that can eliminate false alarms by eliminating the need for security codes.

A high-tech CPU turns off the alarm when the door is unlocked, and turns it on again once locked. It should offer integration with an online video surveillance system for recordable Internet-ready video that can be viewed through any PC or Web-ready video-capable cell phone. Home security can be as comprehensive as any homeowner’s needs with Napco’s Freedom 64 systems. For more information, visit or call 1-866-902-2444.

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