Watching the news and reading the articles concerning Quality Egg Farm, I realized there is more at stake than meets the eye.

The group that brought the complaint, Mercy for Animals, has a hidden agenda that can be traced from Ohio, where its founder Nathan Runkle is from, to California.

In November 2008, MFA and other groups were responsible for promoting Proposition 2, a California bill that has put the agricultural market in that state in a tailspin.

That bill, on the surface, seems to appeal to people’s good conscience. No one wants to see animals abused. But it goes much farther.

Sponsored by a vegan group, the passing of Proposition 2 has caused farms to go out of business, and, according to Internet sources, is forcing some farmers to Mexico.

According to the Internet, Runkel is a vegan, as well as a self-proclaimed animal lover.


That’s great in and of itself; however, he and folks like him will go to extreme lengths to further their agenda. Runkel would not stop at seeing Quality Egg out of business. He is no friend of local grocery stores, or any other facility or restaurant that goes against his vegan cause.

Quality Egg has a full-time state agricultural inspector at its operations, and there are educational  programs in place. The actions of abuse are not tolerated by the management.

Let’s not reward one narrow perspective to force the egg farms out of business.

Dan Tolman, Lewiston

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