It comes as no surprise that homosexuals will not relent from an agenda that seeks to denigrate the institution of marriage. Selfish behavior has always been directed at the gratification of the individual, while children inevitably suffer because love was not conditional on absolute truth.
Noveau existentialists suggest that the era of the Founding Fathers is no longer relevant, descrying that the American experiment has failed because of an immutable allegiance to Judeo-Christian values. Sadly, our country is under siege; and it appears unlikely that we have the fortitude to heal the insidious cancer that may inevitably bring this great nation to its knees.
A new generation has emerged from the hasty loins of 1960 relativism: a sense of entitlement, social parity of shameful behaviors and a bitter disavowal of God’s word are the underpinnings of chaos — the harbinger of a great society in decline.
Perhaps Thernardier’s dystopian tome, “Two Thousand Thirty-Four,” provides a fleeting glimpse of the future … as America’s conscience is gradually reconciled to current world opinion, and “three gays and a goat” emerges as the evolving, nuclear-family paradigm.
John Dumont, Monmouth

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