This is in response to Mark LaFlamme’s “Talk of the Town” column, printed April 12.

For a reporter to equate vandalism in a cemetery to fun and games is not only irresponsible, it is revolting. I don’t understand how this got by the editor’s desk. The desecration of statues and monuments in a cemetery, be it a religious cemetery or otherwise, is at once disgusting and repulsive. It is sick behavior and cannot be condoned.

What a message LaFlamme has sent to other would-be vandals.

I wonder if LaFlamme would feel any differently had someone desecrated his parents’ or grandparents’ monument.
LaFlamme should think twice before he makes more comments on such behavior.

And, to correct a statement: It has not been an ongoing problem, as reported. It is a problem, but it happened twice.

Gerard JB Raymond, CCCE
Executive director, St. Peter’s Cemetery, Lewiston

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