This is in response to Scott Lansley’s statements regarding the card check bill in his column April 5.

I am so tired of hearing about how the Employee Free Choice Act would take the private ballot away. People should just read the act. The private ballot stays in place. Don’t take my word for it, read the bill.

Lansley wrote, “This would only require a majority of the employees to certify the union” under the card check. Well, if that isn’t democratic, what is?

Union officials are in elected positions.

Tell your boss you want a secret ballot to get more money and see what his response is.

The bill has nothing to do with a secret ballot. It has everything to do with the bosses keeping the workers in their place, which for many, is in poverty while they make a killing.


Lansley wrote about state workers who pay dues but aren’t in the union. Here is a wakeup call for Lansley and others: Everyone working for the state knew, prior to being hired, that the state workers are unionized. Perhaps he should submit a bill that any state worker who doesn’t want to pay dues could not enjoy any of the wages or benefits that the unionized people do.

Lansley says unions do have their place, but not everywhere. I have to wonder where he things they should be or not.

How typical of a Republican.

Joseph Mailey, Auburn

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