On April 21, Lisbon voters will be voting on five bond issues. One bond issue asks for $500,000 to start the process of determining whether to rebuild Lisbon High School for about $25 million, or to build a new high school for about $40 million. The end result for Lisbon taxpayers was estimated as an additional $450 per $100,000 assessed value.

Some say the action is necessary or the school might lose its accreditation, but the problem has existed for several years. The economy right now is not good for such an expenditure. I checked my budget and it included food and family needs, not school. I believe the bond for $500,000, with $25-$40 million to follow, should be sent back to the drawing boards and wait for the economy to recover.

If it isn’t rejected, does the town really need a study to figure out that $25 million is better at this time than $40 million? I do not think our youth will get a better education, regardless of how much money is thrown at the schools. If some think my numbers aren’t 100 precent correct, they were provided town and school literature.

Residents need to think about the timing of the proposal.

And then there is the request for $1.2 million to rebuild Upland Road. Don’t get me started on that — simply go for a ride on it.

Vern Foxe, Lisbon

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