Looking back

100 years ago, 1909
A day which is believed to be a record breaker for this time of the year at Lake Auburn was Thursday when eight good-sized salmon were landed at Lake Auburn. This number a little later would not be unusual but with the weather as it has been since the ice went out this week it is something remarkable and the fishermen are now firm in the belief that this is to be a great season for them.

50 years ago, 1959
Spring fever weather tightened its grip on the Twin Cities yesterday but no one seemed to mind. Blue skies and bright sunshine kept the temperature high enough so that few complaints could be heard.
Brooms and rakes continued to get good use again as area residents went to work scraping the winter’s accumulation of sand and gravel off their front lawns, driveways and sidewalks. With the cooling breeze, it was a good day for washing, and many clothes lines were heavily burdened down with a fresh load of clean laundry out to dry.

25 years ago, 1984
While the Supreme Court considers whether states may force the Jaycees to admit women as full members, leaders of the Lewiston-Auburn Jaycees and Jaycee Women say they are satisfied with the separate identities of their organizations and see no change in the near future.
The Supreme Court is reviewing a federal appeals court ruling stating that the Jaycees, under the Constitution’s right of free association, may exclude women from full membership.
In Lewiston-Auburn the Jaycees and Jaycee Women are separate organizations that both serve the community. The two groups may work together and occasionally have meetings together, but they have separate offices and projects.
Spokesmen said members of the Lewiston-Auburn men’s and women’s organizations are content being separate but equal.

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