McMahon Grade 1 Teacher

Nationally known author Carol Glynn believes that getting up and moving helps our attention span and also the way in which we absorb and retain information.

She demonstrated that concept, called kinesthetic learning, when McMahon Elementary School students and staff experienced “Learning on their Feet with Carol Glynn.”

Glynn’s books about kinesthetic learning, “Carol out of the Box” and “Learning on Their Feet,” are familiar to many teachers at McMahon, who share her philosophy. Teachers at McMahon have been doing what they call brain gym activities for the past couple of years.

During the week of Feb. 12, Glynn worked in each classroom with the students doing kinesthetic lessons in math. The “games” that were played are games that can be adapted to any level to include any curriculum topic. All students can benefit. Advanced students can branch out to new areas if they choose to, while others can catch up, without losing face. Teachers, as well as students, were excited about Glynn’s new ideas.

Glynn guided the teachers to create their own activities to complement their teaching, and provided specific, hands-on, body-based, curriculum lessons that will captivate all students in the classroom by tapping into their multiple intelligences. Each teacher left with time-tested structures and concrete ideas, as well as renewed motivation to stretch their teaching techniques and tools to reach their more challenging, active students.

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