This is in response to the letter from Mary Jane Newell, published April 15.
No doubt, many older adults are both verbally and physically abused. There are many laws on the books now, but morality itself cannot be legislated.
My encounters with the state Department of Health and Human Services have not all been positive. Enough said. However, I take exception to the criticism of Androscoggin Home Care and Hospice. My husband and I had a rewarding experience with that agency for well more than a year.
All narcotics were kept in the refrigerator for the duration of his illness and, upon his demise, they were put in an envelope and returned to the pharmacy as requested.
The nurses for hospice kept a daily notation of all medications given, and were fully aware of any remaining. On a followup call, I was asked if I still had any unused medications. I assured them that they had all been returned as requested.
And take note: At the time of death, hospice does not abandon the caregiver. Many areas of guidance and help are offered, for as long as anyone needs them.
There are many laws on the books, but more laws aren’t needed; just common sense and a respect of existing laws.
Nancy L. Wilcox, New Gloucester

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