This is in response to John Dumont’s letter to the editor, published April 18.

He writes, “It comes as no surprise that homosexuals will not relent from an agenda that seeks to denigrate the institution of marriage.”

It’s time to unveil the hypocrisy of the sacredness of heterosexual marriages. Divorce, adultery, incest, orphanages full of heterosexual offspring, spouses killing each other and hatred and bigotry against gays are all common occurances in heterosexual households.

To bypass divorce, the Catholic church invented annulments for their flock, making void any sacred vows of marriage. Since children are a key factor in Catholic marriages, how many illegitimate adults and children have been produced by those annulments?

Reality is often hard to swallow.

It is up to government officials to grant equality for all individuals. Gays have been on Earth from the beginning of time, and will remain a force to deal with. They want the same protection marriage laws provide.

For gays and lesbians, having children is a choice, not a mistake of unsafe sexual encounters.

It is time to bring equal rights to all God’s children. Then the heterosexual community can concentrate on working on their hypocritical vices.

Rolande I. Caron, South Paris

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