The Sun Journal editorial of April 20 completely misses the point of the proposed annexation of a portion of Redington Township to the town of Carrabassett Valley.
If the editor had attended the public hearing on LD741 at the Maine Legislature on April 15, he would have heard overwhelming testimony why the proposed annexation should be rejected.
Why should 400 voters of Carrabassett Valley be allowed to determine the fate of those mountains, which are currently protected from development by the state of Maine through the Land Use Regulation Commission? As a resident of Maine, I, and many others, had the opportunity to testify in opposition to the two previous applications by Endless Energy at LURC hearings. Since most of us are not residents of Carrabassett Valley, we will have no opportunity to vote on the proposed annexation. The developers know it will be much easier to lobby a few hundred than many thousands.
The people of Maine, through LURC, have twice turned down a request to destroy those mountains with a huge industrial project. The governor’s task force on wind power also rejected those mountains from the expedited area for windpower development.
What part of no is it that the developer doesn’t understand?
Fred A. Huntress Jr.,
Poland Spring

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