I have been reading letters to the editor and have found them amusing.

People seem to forget that when George W. Bush was president, everybody complained and it seemed OK. I don’t remember Bush breaking campaign promises. Now, let’s look at the new president.

He promised to support public schools, then sent his kids to a private one. He also canceled the school voucher program in Washington D.C., which kicked two underprivileged kids out of the school his daughters attend. He promised to veto legislation with earmarks. The omnibus spending bill had over 8,000 of them. He’s promised a tax cut for the middle class, then he signed the SCHIP bill, which raised taxes on tobacco. Most people I know are middle class and, yes, they all smoke.

He also said he would have the most ethical administration in history, and even signed a presidential paper stating these new rules. The following week he signed a waiver so his second-in-command at the Pentagon, who was a lobbyist, could have the job. His chief of staff was a board member of Fannie Mae. His Secretary of Treasury was a tax cheat.

Now he is meeting with foreign leaders who have stated that they want the U.S.A. to fail, and apologizing to them for our way of life.

I guess I’m another American who’d be glad to see President Barack Obama’s policies fail and not my country, as his friends hope.

Duane Dumont, Winthrop

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