This letter is to clarify the purpose of the Day of Silence that Kelly Welch wrote about (April 21).
Welch discussed the issues of diversity in schools, marriage between and man and a woman, and “Encouraging students to demonstrate in favor of any sexual preference.” 
The purpose of the Day of Silence, held April 16, was not to promote the homosexual lifestyle, or to voice support of same-sex marriages. As stated on the Web site at, the purpose of that day was  to “bring attention to anti-Lesbian, gay, bi- or transsexual name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools.”
Students are not forced to participate, and those who do participate do so in a non-intrusive manner to the school day. They produce their schoolwork and they participate non-verbally in class.
Whatever a person’s opinion on the matter of homosexuality, it does not matter in an instance such as that. What does matter is that each student, regardless of race, gender, religion or sexuality, feels safe and secure in their learning environment.
Elyce Reavely, Bath

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