ELHS seniors take on ‘Hundreds of Thousands of Geese’
AUBURN – Members of this year’s senior class at Edward Little High School have collaborated with director Brian Flynn to write an original full-length play entitled “Hundreds of Thousands of Geese.”
Over the course of five weeks, the 13-member cast participated in playwriting workshops where they developed a theme, constructed a plot, shaped characters and composed dialogue through improvisation and script-writing sessions.
“Hundreds of Thousands of Geese” is a romantic comedy set in the present day, in an airport in Maine. Security measures at “Manuary Airport” are a bit unorthodox, and the audience soon discovers that a mishap on the runway has caused flight delays. As the passengers wait for their flights, they interact with one another and with the airport staff. Whether they are falling in love, solving a crossword puzzle, conducting business, patching up a relationship, outwitting the system, facing a phobia or slipping into dementia, all of these passengers are in for a life-changing experience.
The ensemble cast of characters includes Keenan and Arianna (played by Aidan Boardman and Angela Simpson), strangers who meet for the first time as they await their flight to Pittsburgh; Ike and Lydia (Neil Pomerleau and Allison Emond), a young couple on their way to Bolivia to elope; airport security employees Red and Belinda (Ethan Grund and Katie Arnoldi); Lucas the lobsterman (Greg Judd); Otis the lumberjack (Justin Leclair); Darla the businesswoman (Whitney Stone); Sigmund the therapist (Ian Mulligan); Lester the hunter (Josh Titus); and Greta Varner, the elderly lady (played by Alendra Harris).
The production crew is led by Kimberly Tremblay (stage manager), Chad Gagnon (technical director/lighting designer) and Doug Kester (set and sound).
“Hundreds of Thousands of Geese” will be presented at Great Falls School (the home of Community Little Theatre) Friday, May 8 at 7 p.m. and at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 9.
A $5 donation will be accepted at the door.

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