As a child, I lived in Vermont with my grandfather. He worked some 50 years for a newspaper. A newspaper was an important part of the life of my family.
In 1959, I married my late husband. He introduced me to the Lewiston Daily Sun and Evening Journal, and ran many ads for his lumber business in those papers. I’ve been a reader ever since.
In all honesty, until I retired, I could not spend as much time with the paper as I do now, but always did read some of every edition.
I expect the Sun Journal, like many papers, is experiencing a loss of subscribers and resulting loss of income, what with so many people reading online, watching TV news only, etc. I’ve noticed the Sun Journal has added some interesting articles to the paper, to interest a wider cross-section of readers, I assume.
I think the Sun Journal is doing a fine job. Some items interest me more than others, of course. I would like more columns about national and worldwide subjects from both conservative and liberal sides. And I will always miss Marmaduke.
I hope the Sun Journal continues to print for a long time. I have no desire to sit in front of a computer, and while I enjoy television news, I enjoy sitting on the couch and spreading the newspaper out for comfortable and relaxing reading at my own pace.
My time with the Sun Journal is an important part of my daily life.
Jayne E. Bickford, Lisbon Falls

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