My gripe is retail stores that seem to be more interested in selling credit cards than the products on their shelves. I will leave a store where the staff is too pushy with the credit offers.
Unfortunately, I know too well the pressure these salespeople are under; I am one of them. My employer has set application quotas, and part of our evaluations (and our wages) are driven by meeting those quotas.
So, to all those folks that feel as irritated as I do about being pushed into yet another credit card, I apologize for doing that. I feel the same as you.
— Anonymous
My gripe is people who don’t know how to drive on a highway:
People who travel in the center lane even when cars are passing them on both sides. Get a clue and move over to the right lane. That is what those “Travel right except to pass” signs mean.
People who either speed up when you try to pass them or pass you and then pull in and slow down. How about keeping a constant speed: if you have cruise control learn how to use it.
And if you don’t know what “yield” means — look it up in the dictionary!
— Anonymous
My gripe is when I am in the store trying to purchase something or get help and the phone rings. The clerk drops me and answers the phone. Or I’ll be standing there waiting for the clerk to acknowledge me and the phone rings — well guess who gets immediate attention. Who took the time to come in and was there first? Sometimes I’ll just walk out when that happens.
— Disappointed customer
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